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Life Is Just Another Quote

Written by Huckleberry Bear

"Life Is Just Another Quote." - Huckleberry Bear

"An unsharpened pencil has no point & leaves no mark. A lot of people are like that." - Huckleberry Bear

"Sometimes it's easier to sit in the ruts of life and get run over than to get up and finish the race." - Huckleberry Bear

"Congress has never been able to get to the root of any problem and solve it." - Huckleberry Bear

"Nation Building begins at home." - Huckleberry Bear

"Those who imitate are dreamers never doers of great things!" - Huckleberry Bear

"Don't be so narrow in your focus that you cannot see the whole picture." - Huckleberry Bear

"A lemon is still bitter after the sugar is gone." - Huckleberry Bear

"Listen to your heart. It plays the melodies it hears in other hearts." - Huckleberry Bear

"Old tweets never die, you just lose access to them." - Huckleberry Bear

"The older you are the more precious time becomes.” - Huckleberry Bear

"We can all change but sometimes it's easier to just stay in our set of ruts." - Huckleberry Bear

"New shoes may look great, but nothing is more comfortable than a pair of old shoes." - Huckleberry Bear

"Having equal opportunity does not mean getting equal results." - Huckleberry Bear

"Snowflakes melt." - Huckleberry Bear

"Some people just need a spark to become a flame. Be a spark!" - Huckleberry Bear

"Too many people form conclusions, then create paths to them." - Huckleberry Bear

"You're never too old to do something stupid." - Huckleberry Bear

"To a child the box is always more fun to play with than the contents." - Huckleberry Bear

"Sometimes it's not the attitude that needs adjusting, it's the altitude. We're too high to be of any earthly good." - Huckleberry Bear

"The wish you wish only comes true when you do the work" - Huckleberry Bear

"You don't realize it until they are gone... but your pets leave paw prints all over your heart." - Huckleberry Bear

"Where does the rainbow go when the clouds go into stay?" - Huckleberry Bear

"You can't expect to finish if you never bother to start." - Huckleberry Bear

"Only love can untie the knot in your heart." - Huckleberry Bear

"Don't allow anyone to live another moment in the happy chapter of your life once they betray you." - Huckleberry Bear

"When the message is from heart to heart, you're singing the same song." - Huckleberry Bear

"Time grows precious when there's very little left." - Huckleberry Bear

"In the valley of grieve, silence is the only echo we hear." - Huckleberry Bear

"The adventures in life are not in the ruts." - Huckleberry Bear

"You cannot seize happiness and hold it hostage. It must seize & hold you as its hostage." - Huckleberry Bear

"It is what you think about all day that determines if you are happy or sad" - Huckleberry Bear

"Somebody, somewhere has got it right... the challenge is to find them." - Huckleberry Bear

"In every disability, there is Ability. Look for it." - Huckleberry Bear

"Someone, somewhere hears a song and thinks of you." - Huckleberry Bear

"Success does not rhyme with but begins with start." - Huckleberry Bear

"Sometimes life when covered with a cup of yeast still barely rises to the level of civil." - Huckleberry Bear

"Nothing good will happen if the parachute does not open. Your brain works the same way." - Huckleberry Bear

"The problem with trying to smear the truth is it spreads everywhere and becomes impossible to cover up." - Huckleberry Bear

"If you walk around with your head down, you will never see the stars." - Huckleberry Bear

"At least if we will reach for stars we can get covered in Stardust." - Huckleberry Bear

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