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This is the tale told by a poor wayfaring stranger who
wandered through the area one day.

He related seeing many amazing things in his travels,
but what he experienced on this particular afternoon
was beyond belief.

As he made his way across the meadows into the deep
woods near the swamp, he decided to rest for the night.

Beneath the shade of a large oak tree, with the sun
still high in the sky, he made his camp and
fell into a deep sleep.

When he awoke, he saw sunlight shining on a huge
area of sand in the nearby clearing.

Suddenly the sky was filled with color as millions of
butterflies descended to find rest on the sand.

Every butterfly ever created must have been among
the masses assembled on the forest floor.

He edged closer for a better look as butterflies began
covering him until he looked like a colorful large
flower growing in the wild.

He thought to himself “this must be a butterfly farm”
although he had never heard of such.

For many hours he enjoyed the beauty all around him
as the butterflies moved to allow him to walk among them.

Then, as if being summoned by a higher power, they took
flight and went upward into the sky as the last shimmers
of light descended and the landscape turned into a sea of
darkness beneath the cover of a star filled night.

They found him wandering about the countryside
several days later.

Some say he went crazy from the heat, others say
he saw a vision.

The wayfaring stranger just kept repeating his story
for all to hear and ended with...

“Out there, somewhere, on the butterfly trail is Butterfly
Farms and someday you will find yours.”

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